To order any medication requests over the phone you must call between 9am and 1pm.

We are not currently accepting paper prescriptions.

All repeat prescriptions require three working days to process.


Collections are only available at the following times

MONDAY 11:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 5:45pm
TUESDAY 11:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 5:45pm
WEDNESDAY 11:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 5:45pm
THURSDAY 11:00am - 1:00pm CLOSED
FRIDAY 11:00am - 1:00pm 3:00pm - 5:45pm


You can also order your medication through using online services or the NHS app, please speak to reception for more information.

❗ COVID vaccination update ❗

Currently patients aged 16 and over can book COVID vaccination appointments online at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/.  You can also arrange a vaccination by calling 119.  You can also attend a walk in clinic at How to get a vaccine, where and travelling - Together We're Better (twbstaffsandstoke.org.uk)

The surgery is now offering a selection of COVID vaccination clinics.  Please contact us if you are due to be vaccinated.  You will receive a letter and/or text from NHS England when it is your turn to receive your vaccination.  Alternatively our vaccination site at JCB Cheadle has joined the list of National Booking Centres and is available to book online. 

We have received guidance from the UK Chief Medical Officers that the 2nd dose of vaccine remains effective when given up to 12 weeks after the 1st dose. A third dose will offer full protection for you, your family and your community.This new guidance will ensure that as many people benefit from the first and second doses of vaccine as soon as possible.

You will still need three doses of the vaccination for the best long term protection but you will continue to have significant protection at 22 days after your first dose.  If you have not had your first or second dose, it is not too late. Please don't be embarrassed, the NHS will be happy to offer you a first or second dose.

We understand that other practices in the area may be running their vaccination programme differently but we are continuing to follow guidance from NHS England to help provide protection for as many of our patients as possible. It is important to remember that even when you have received your vaccine you must continue to follow government advice on social distancing.


 Our practice is now prioritising the booster rollout. As part of this, some of our routine services may be stood down temporarily to allow us to focus on protecting as many patients as possible. We are still there for anyone who may need care for an urgent need, but would ask for patience as we support this key national priority over the coming weeks. We hope to be able to stand back up any services as soon as possible and will update this page as soon as we know more.

Please don’t forget there are many services available for you, depending on your condition. These include:

• Self-care – This is the best choice to treat minor illnesses and injuries such as hangovers, coughs, colds, grazes, small cuts or sore throats. Many of these can be treated at home, simply with over-the-counter medicines and plenty of rest.

• Pharmacy – Pharmacists can give advice on and treat a range of symptoms. They can support you with things such as diarrhoea, earaches, painful coughs, sticky eyes, teething and rashes. Please be aware that some of our pharmacies are also delivering the vaccination programme.

• NHS 111 – You can access 111 online or via the telephone. This is for any urgent but non-life threatening health concerns. They will be able to signpost you to the relevant service and provide advice where appropriate, or book you into a walk-in centre or minor injury unit

• A&E / 999 – You should only attend A&E or dial 999 in a life-threatening emergency such as severe bleeding, breathing difficulties and severe chest pain

Thank you for your continued support,

Alton Surgery Team


Self Care

Feeling unwell? Tackle those symptoms as soon as they strike. No need for a GP appointment that you may not need.Staffordshire GP Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard explains more:

Did you know that your pharmacist can help with UTIs? They can offer advice on things like what can help you get better and what is the best painkiller to take. They’ll also be able to tell you if you need to see a GP. Find more info here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/urinary-tract-infections-utis/

Having a well-stocked medicine cabinet will mean that you can fight minor illnesses.Talk to a pharmacist for more advice.

If your baby has Bronchiolitis, here is some helpful information to help you care for themat home. Parents who are concerned that symptoms are worsening should go to111.nhs.uk or download the NHS app

General Practice Data for Planning and Research

You may have heard in the media about a data collection programme being undertaken by NHS Digital. The General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) is a more efficient and secure system of data collection which aims to support health and care planning and research.

Our practice will continue to share data with NHS Digital. If you would like more information on how and what data is shared head to the NHS Digital website. There is also information on this page for those wishing to opt out.

Due to increasing concern from patients and GP practices, data sharing with NHS Digital under the new directions has been paused, providing more time for patients to review the changes ahead of any future data collections.

Flu Vaccines 2021

This year make sure you are protected from seasonal flu.

Patients in the high risk categories will be eligible to get their FREE flu vaccine with us to protect you from seasonal flu.

High risk categories include:

  • Adults 65 and over
  • Pregnant women
  • People with certain medical conditions (including children in at-risk groups from 6 months of age) such as: 
    • Chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis
    • Chronic heart disease, such as heart failure
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Chronic liver disease, such as hepatitis
    • Chronic neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), a learning disability or cerebral palsy
    • Diabetes
    • Spleen problems, for example sickle cell disease or if you’ve had your spleen removed
    • A weakened immune system as the result of conditions such as HIV and AIDS, or medicines such as steroid tablets or chemotherapy
    • Being seriously overweight (a BMI of 40 or above)

To book your flu jab, please contact the reception team who will be more than happy to help.

Individuals in the 50 to 64-year-old age group are now able to book their free flu vaccination. Please call reception to book an appointment. Alternatively you can contact a local pharmacy to book your flu vaccination.


Coronavirus Testing

If you are in need of a coronavirus test please do not call the surgery. You can book online or call the NHS coronavirus 119 service. The phone service can be very busy at times; it may be easier to call at 8am or 8pm.

If you have symptoms, get a test as soon as possible. You need to get the test done in the first 5 days of having symptoms. 




 Mission Statement

To put patients first offering a friendly supportive service

To deliver high quality, evidence based care and health promotion to our patients

To deliver a safe, effective and responsive service

To provide the right care by the right person to each patient

To support our staff to grow

For an overview of general information about the Surgery, please click the link to our practice leaflet below. 

Care Navigation

We are introducing an initiative to help people to find the most appropriate source of help when they call our practice or pop in to make an appointment. This means that our specially trained reception staff may ask questions about why appointments are required. You are not obliged to answer the questions they ask, however by doing so we can make sure that those people who really need to see a GP can see them as soon as possible.

Virtually everyone who calls to make an appointment asks to see a GP, but very often help will be available more quickly from other highly skilled medical professionals such as nurses or pharmacists, or from other services, including the voluntary sector, they can support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs. Our trained reception staff will be able to offer you the most appropriate help using the range of information they have access to. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our Reception staff.

Join Our Patient Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

At its simplest, patient participation refers to patients, such as you, who are taking an active interest in health care.

It gives you, the local people, the opportunity to have a say in how services are planned, developed and evaluated, by developing a good working relationship with the practice staff and GPs. Our members get involved with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); the CCG buy services for the population and influence health decisions.

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) provide important feedback to the Practice, encourage networking with other local service providers and engage healthcare professionals by invitation to meetings. We carry out surveys, seeking your opinion on changes you feel are required to improve services offered. You will be amongst the first to hear about news and updates.

Membership of the group is voluntary and involves attending monthly (the meeting room is supplied by the Practice). The frequency of the meetings may change as the Group progresses.

If you would like to become a member of the Group, please complete the PPG Application Form below and return to the practice.


PPG Application Leaflet.pdf


Please see the Patient Participation tab at the top of the home page for more information.

Chair Based Exercise Classes - Cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic

Would you like to have a laugh and make new friends, combined with some easy chair based exercises to improve strengh and muscle balance?

Sessions at Alton Surgery on a Friday 1.30-2.30

If you are interested please speak to Debbie

Coffee Morning - Cancelled until further notice due to the pandemic

Antibiotic Guardian

Tell us about your experience

We want to hear from our patients at Alton Surgery. During these unusual times your feedback is incredibly important and will help us to better deliver care services to all our patients.

If you have any comments about the care you have received or feedback on any of our services please do let us know. You can leave a review over on the NHS website here.